can we just have a gay disney princess already

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Anonymous asked: Ok can you stop with the Sky hate she's done nothing wrong like if she were black and they were white no one would be like "oh my god these WHITE guys are being used as objects" stop trying to make everything offensive. Like, do you think she should refuse to use black guys to avoid being "racist"? She was just making a music video about something that ACTUALLY happened to her (not pretending to be ins gang for the lols) no need to make it something it's not

too long so i didn’t read. i vaguely understand this is about sky but i switched off tbh. i like her as a musician

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oh my god people don’t think sky is white. she passes as white therefore she has white privilege. don’t defend her when you know nothing about racism go look at blogs on tumblr and learn something

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me and my brother are on netflix and there are about 45 different variations of power rangers so he is forcing me to watch SPD with him which was the one he was obsessed with when he was five

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danny devito is the dream man <3

you know it’s so stupid and i don’t want to sound like those pathetic irritating obsessive people but river phoenix is someone i feel a complete and strong affinity with

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